This is Perry. We adopted him from our local PetSmart via a rescue shelter in 2011.

He was found about an hour away stuck inside a car engine. The woman who found him tried to free him, but his leg was badly damaged and sadly was lost. After he recovered from surgery, she took him to her local shelter, and in turn they shipped him to the PetSmart near our home. My husband went in to get cat food for our other cat, Sophie, another adopted cat. He called me and said there was a 3 legged cat I needed to see. When I got there later, I saw Perry, and it was love at first sight. I teared up, Sarah McLaughlin started playing in my head, the whole nine yards. The rep from the shelter just happened to be there so we were able to meet and play with him right then. He came home with us that night.

Perry is the most loving, affectionate cat I have even seen. He will sit in your lap, cuddle in bed, and generally be close to you. He and my husband are best friends, and will have “conversations” about their day when he gets home from work. He loves to sit in the window looking outside. And having only 3 legs has NOT slowed him down at all. He jumps, runs, and is a very happy little fat house cat. We’re a better family because of Perry. We love our Pear Bear.

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