This is Théoden, or Theo for short. He’s my new roommate! <3

We adopted Théoden from the Humane Society this past weekend. His former name was “Porter” and he is a pretty old guy (13 years). Sadly, his previous owner had brought him in to have him euthanized. She said that she could not afford to move with him and asked to have him put down because “he was old anyways”. But because he was still healthy, alert, and friendly, the shelter refused to euthanize him and put him up for adoption instead.

When I started looking at adoption possibilities, I learned that the Humane Society has a category of animals labeled “Forget Me Not”. These are animals considered “less adoptable”, animals that have been waiting in the shelter for weeks and even months, maybe even for no other reason that they are old, or shy, or meow funny, or have a missing eye or ear or foot. There’s nothing wrong or “broken” about these cats, and all they want is a new human to love! I made up my mind to adopt a “Forget Me Not” cat from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Humane Society.

Théoden-formerly-known-as-Porter was a shelter favorite. The staff all loved him and played with him daily, and while they were sad to see him go, they were very happy that he has found the right home after spending almost two months in limbo! Théoden is a big grumbly old man - he weighs almost 17 pounds - but is a soft, gentle, loving, smoochable fellow. His favorite new hobby involves plopping down right in front of the floor fan so that his fur can blow everywhere. He also enjoys chasing laser pointers, drinking water out of places that are not his water bowl, receiving chin scratches, headbutting affectionately, and sleeping derpily in my bookshelf. He may be old, but he surely has many years of loving and sleeping and grumbling left in him. He is a perfect old grump muffin, he is the new king of our house and we love him very much. I’m so glad I could give this guy a second chance. Hail Théoden Cat!

Remember: Adopt, don’t shop. If you’re looking for a new friend, visit your local animal shelter. And consider giving a “less adoptable” animal a chance - they all deserve love too!


This is Osa! She’s a Japanese Chin mix/mutt who was an hour from being put down when the Cody’s Friends Rescue of Dallas swept in to give her another chance.

She has nerve damage in her back legs that makes her an extra wiggly walker, but it doesn’t slow her down a bit! We brought her home three days ago and she’s made a ton of friends since then. It’s unimaginable to us that such a sweet, laid back girl could have ever made it onto the euthanasia list, but her story has worked out much better than the thousands of other gentle, loving dogs who find themselves there. 

Osa rolls onto her back like a little beetle to get her tummy rubbed, and her favorite place to snooze is under my bedroom window behind the curtains.


This is Leela. We adopted her from our local Rescue shelter over the 4th of July weekend. She was abandoned as a kitten, and left to fend for herself on the streets, in the middle of winter! Poor baby. She lost her tail and part of her ear to frostbite, and was brought into the shelter in April. After being treated for a kitty cold, fleas, and malnutrition, she kindly waited for us to come adopt her. :D 

She had every right to turn into a non-social cat, but she’s wonderful. She gives kisses, cuddles, and purrs like crazy. She’s patient with kids, and sleeps with us at night. Rescue pets are the best! We’re so glad she picked us to be her family. <3


This is Rox Dog. My husband and I finally decided to get a dog and visited the Virginia German Shepherd Rescue event. We visited with a few dogs but Roxie and I just instantly fell in love. She walked the pet store with us and then tried to leave with us. It wasn’t our plan to adopt a senior dog (she was 10) but we obviously were meant to be.

We brought her home and fell in love. She was perfect for us first time dog owners as she was well trained and low key. It was hard as she started deteriorating and began struggling with her rear legs. 

We lost her on Friday. And while we only had her for 3 years, they were wonderful. Please consider an older dog.

**Photo by Sara Riddle Photography**


This is Dash.  My husband and I were on our way to my work last week (7/17/14) when I realized I had completely forgotten to make breakfast for a coworker’s birthday potluck.  I decided to go to a grocery store close to my office and pick up *something*, when I saw a grey lump in the middle of the lane I was in.  After realizing it was a cat, I stopped the car and went and grabbed her. 

As I was getting back into the car, and trying to hand her to my husband, she jumped out of our hands and promptly climbed up behind the dashboard.  We drove to the grocery store to park and try and get her out, but she was so scared, nothing would convince her to come out.  We ended up driving to the dealership and they helped us get her out from behind the dashboard.  We took her to the local SPCA, but I couldn’t get her out of my head and decided that almost 10 months had been long enough without kitty companionship.

We’re technically fostering her for now, since she’s still a bit injured with a burnt paw from her adventure behind the dashboard, but she is on the mend and will hopefully be officially ours at the end of the week!  She’s still very skittish and wary of people, and prefers to be somewhere she can feel hidden, but we’ll work on that more once she’s not under doctor’s orders to be confined.


This is Maggie.  She is the best dog - sweet and smart and a bit of a diva, but such a joy to have in our lives.  


My sister’s Pitbull rescue One Eyed Jack :)

Photo by Silver Linings Photography


This was Dirty Cat, a former ski bum cat who came into my life a mere month after I lost my two cats to an apartment fire. I didn’t want, and felt I wasn’t ready for, another cat, but she was about 11 years old, and wouldn’t have done well in an animal shelter.

So, I had her owner (who was moving and couldn’t take her) drop her off at my place. I still remember how Dirty Cat paused to take in the place, before making a bee line for my room. That night she jumped up on the bed to sleep by my head, where she slept every night for six years thereafter. Kidney failure required one final trip to the vet last June, but she will live with me forever.


This is Callie which is short for Calico Tortie. After losing our two elder cats in a four month period our seven year old, Jack, was a little lonely and depressed so after a couple months of mourning we decided it was time to find him a new friend. The local news had mentioned the No Kill LA shelter pet adoption event so we decided to check it out. We had barely started to look when my mom saw Callie in her cage and declared she was the one. 

Callie is the most chill and laid back cat we’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. Even the vet was amazed at how relaxed she is. She is constantly winding through our legs and loves to be held. Jack has quickly taken to her and they are almost inseparable. They are constantly grooming each other and playing together. 


This is Lucy-Bear! She was found alone near a trading post on the Navajo Reservation by one of our neighbors and they brought her home once they learned she didn’t have an owner (they’ve rescued tons of cats and dogs).  She was scampering near our house and we instantly fell in love.  Lucy was a bit of a terror as a puppy (she ate through a wall), but she has turned into the most loyal, loving, fantastic companion.  I seriously could not have asked for a better dog!